PediHeart World Organization

Medical Mission to Mater Hospital; Nairobi, Kenya

March 26th – April 2, 2010

On March 26th, Dr. Hani Hennein, President of PediHeart World Organization, led a team of highly skilled medical professionals from the United States to Nairobi for the purpose of assisting Mater Hospital (Mater Kenya Hospital) in the development of its pediatric heart program. While there, Dr. Hennein performed eleven open-heart surgeries, and cardiologist, Dr. Alex Golden, performed thirteen diagnostic and interventional procedures in the cath lab. The youngest of the children was only three weeks old and would not have survived long without the surgery.  Faith, a three-year-old, needed surgery, but her mother’s need was greater, so “mom” was our eleventh patient and Faith will be taken care of in the next trip. Barnabus Nyangau, an eleven-year-old, who underwent an aortic valve replacement did well in the immediate postoperative period, but sadly passed away a few days after the team left Nairobi. The other ten patients are reportedly doing well.  Many other children were evaluated and may need intervention in the near future. In addition, doctors, nurses, and perfusionists from our team and Mater Hospital worked side byside in order to make this a teaching mission as well.  It is the intention of PediHeart to continue its missions to Mater and other hospitals in developing countries in an effort to help create self-sustaining pediatric heart centers.


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