Assiut, Egypt container

To All,

Confirmation we are in Egypt with cargo container #2 from Med Wish International of Cleveland and our first partnership with LIFE for Relief and Development out of Michigan who covered the shipping part of this project.  Hopefully we will be able to continue together in supporting Dr. Novick’s training teams for International Children’s Heart Foundation with another year of surgical team development at Assiut University in 2013.  I will ask Dr. Ahmed for pictures of the container arriving in Asyut so we can post it on our site.

Despite the political turmoil within Egypt this program continues to do incredible work since dedication of the surgery suite in late 2009.  Hopefully with the addition of a second surgical suite we will surpass a thousand children who have had successful open heart surgery or corrective catheter procedures, most by the Assiut team on their own, offering so many Egyptian children and their families the Gift of Life.

Gift of Life North East Ohio, Inc.
Rotary District 6630

Click on the link below to read the news about the Medwish container reaching its destination in Egypt!
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