Ariel Vanegas leaves the hospital

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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 6:30 PM 
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Hello ken and Jim
hope everything is fine , Ariel is fine, we are out of the hospital, we have the follow up on thrusday and they are gonna remove the stitches , then we have medical apoitment on december 6 and  in january .
thank you for send us messages, take care.
Ariel, Ian, and Cristina.
Dear Cristina Ariel and Ian;
 I am so glad and relieved to learn that Ariel has been released from the hospital from his heart surgery and will be having his stitches removed soon. You have done a wonderful job as a family caring for each other. These boys will remember what a special mother they have to work so hard for her children. This New Year will be Ariel’s 5 year anniversary from his surgery at Rainbow Babies and Children’s hospital. So many Rotarians have come in contact with your family and have been thinking of you as you go through another Hospital stay. It has been a long journey since Dr. Zahka first saw Ariel back in 2005 in Ecuador and started you on this search for the gift of his life.
My wish for the 2013 New Year is that it is Ariel’s last surgery (except for batteries and perhaps as the Surgeon!) and that both Ariel and Ian will remember this experience as adults and will find a way to help other families like yours with their intelligence and caring ways for the children of Ecuador. 

Gift of Life North East Ohio, Inc.

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